RWA has been undertaking several projects to improve the overall environment in the area particularly the security and safety profile of our residential area. The projects undertaken have been within the domain of  “Encroachment”,  “Traffic control”  (to restrict access of residential area by commercial traffic bound to and from Nehru place / Gurgaon) via MB Road, Positioning Barricades, CCTv cameras, Sign-age,  removal of Dangerous Trees and Development of Children Park (NHP-D Block Saket). All projects are briefly described below.

1. Anti-Encroachment Drive
Letter to DC South Feb 11-2016 (Click here)

The D Block residents face a huge crowd in front of temples and find it difficult to enter Saket D Block. The approach road in front of temples is crowded by vendors, Beggars, pedestrians, Bi-cycles, Flower shops and devotees. The problem is compounded by the Car owners/Drivers who choose to pray while sitting in their cars in the middle of the road. RWA has written to authorities and they removed the vendors but very soon they resume their business without any fear of law. Some pictures below amply demonstrate the problem faced by D Block Residents.

2. Manual Barrier Installed at Gate # 6: 1st  Jan 2014

One of the major projects undertaken by this Governing Body was the access and control of Traffic inside the D Block residential area. RWA saw the sudden growth of traffic Due to the operationalization of SAKET Metro since 2010. Unfortunately DMRC positioned the EXIT Gate # 3 within the residential area creating a huge disturbance in the lives of D Block residents.

Supported by PGC and DCP Traffic(South), RWA installed a Manual barrier on Jan 1, 2014 at Security Gate # 6 (Metro EXIT #3) to control the commercial traffic coming from MB Road and taking a short cut into D Block Saket.  The Barrier manned by Guards 24/7 brought a big relief to residents who faced traffic jams inside our residential area.

3. Barrier Shifted away from Gate # 6  (2015) in view of safety of pedestrians 

After Metro conversationalist in 2010, RWA experienced a congestion problem in front of Metro Gate on all day basis. The area surrounding Gate # 6 became a potential accident prone zone,  due to huge crowd of pedestrians and autos. Residents found vulnerable vulnerable due to this accident prone area, just outside gate # 6.

To prevent accidents it was considered safe to shift the barrier from its original position upto CISF Gate. It proved very useful as it created a safe pedestrian zone. RWA installed several sign ages like No Parking etc. to educate crowds converging on metro gates.

4 . Manual Barricades Positioned: Gate # 6 and gate # 11: May2015

In order to strengthen and secure the Entry area further RWA ordered its own barricades as barricades provided by Delhi Police were taken away by Police for various other events handled by Delhi Police.
Positioning our own barricades gave us a much better scope of managing crowds and vehicluar traffic at gate # 6 and 11.

5. Manual Barrier Installed at gate # 11: Nov 28, 2015

In the aftermath of an elderly couple's murder in Kalka ji in Sep 2015, we proposed to control access to our area to curb crime. Encouraged by area SHO to install CCTV cameras and get servants verification done, we also installed a manual barrier to gate # 11 on November 28, 2015, to provide a secure environment to our senior citizens and we started monitoring the entry of of strangers inside our colony.


6. CCTV Cameras installed: 

We have installed High Definition Digital CCTV s with data storage capacity for one month plus. 
We have DVDs of 2 TB at each set-up. These cameras give very vivid clean  pictures.     

PHASE Number of Cameras Location Date
1 6 Behind D-61-68  And
Children park
2 6 Marg 7 2016
3 6 Marg 9 Underway


7. Sign-ages in crossing PVR Saket

8. Removal of Dangerous Trees: 

RWA has been pursuing with DDA and MCD for removal of dangerous trees since June 2014. After two years of chase we have been able to get only four dangerous trees cut down (not removed from Roots) from DDA Park NHP-D Block Saket Courtesy Dir Hort DDA. They also pruned trees within NHP D Block Saket. The pruning and removal of dangerous trees from Margs 7,8 9 and 10 remaining pending after loads of communications sent to authorities.  We continue to chase SDMC and Ministry of Forest and Environment for their intervention. Conservation and Forest division File No. 22/DCF(PGM)VIP/15-16/772-75 Dated 27/1/2016 refers. Our RTI dated March 18-2016 with Chief Public Information Officer Conservation of Forest Division Nisheeth Saxena,  AIG(FC) Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, Ali Ganj, Jor Bagh Road New Delhi 110003, remains unanswered till date. A fresh RTI is being filed at the time of finalizing the contents of the website Sep 2-2016.

9. Development of Children Park 2013-2016

10. Anti-commercial Drive D Block Saket

RWA received complaints from residents and also observed p​hysically  the gradual rise of commercial activities in D Block Saket starting with Fitness centre, Diagnostic / Medical Centre, coaching centre and a School.  Residents were sensitised about not renting their premises for commercial activities some of which being permissible for property owners like Doctors, Architects, Lawyers, Consultants etc within the framework of  MCD rules and guidelines.  The D Block residential area does not fall under the Mixed Land use and hence the residents reaction to growing commercialisation was  considered genuine. Communications like letters and RTIs were sent to The SDMC and also the subject was covered by Media to highlight the growing problem. RWA is monitoring the situation closely. Resident's Support and co-operation in the matter is highly critical.

11. Police verification camp on Feb 28-2016

12.  Vehicle Pollution Check D Block Saket June 2014

13. House tax camp May 2015

RWA has been organizing, Historically and  traditionally,  every year,  a House Tax Collection camp in D Block Saket  ( in Jan Upvan Park opposite D-94 Saket) in co-ordination with MCD and its Patron Sh. Kanwal Krishan Bharadwaj, senior citizen Saket, D Block (D-93). This project is dedicated to the service of residents saving them the trouble of going to offices of Assessors and collectors in various parts of the city to meet the dead line of June 30 every year. MCD has been responding very positively every year and sending its officials on site at the request of Sh. Bharadwaj, our Patron. RWA  provides Logistics,  seating arrangement etc. for house owners/ residents and facilitates the process of collection of House Tax in the public interest. 

RWA is thankful to  MCD and Sh. Bharadwaj for their wholehearted  support and co-operation

14. House tax camp June 4, 2016


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