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As a new residential urban colony surrounded by rural culture, the D Block residents observed disharmony in the area due to gaps in social and cultural aspirations. This   needed time to mutually understand each other and harmonize. The residents faced several other challenges including security, safety, Lack of welfare activities, cultural exchange activities, Fellowship and increasing crime in the area.

In view of above, the residents of D-Block Saket decided to institutionalize a culture of mutual welfare and formed a Welfare Society in December 1998, under the name of Self Protection & Welfare Society (SPAWS) with a view to weave a fabric of peace and harmony.  Sh. T K. Malhotra, Resident-D-65 and also AAUI President, was elected as the first President of the Society (SPAWS) and (Late) sh. Jagdish Prasad (D-79) as its General Secretary. The main aim was to create an environment of well being, fellowship and give ourselves a safe environment, free from Pollution and crimes leading to an environment of sharing the resources with residents and serve public welfare  interest at large. Security gates were installed as the First step to create a protected environment against crimes. The residents supported the cause wholeheartedly. In 2008 DMRC identified D Block Saket as a possible site for its Metro operations and the digging work commenced in September 2008.

The Underground metro operations commenced on September 3, 2010 throwing new challenges to D Block residents already dealing with Traffic, Pollution and crime problems. At one point the lanes of D Block were choked with traffic, making residents movements within D Block, almost impossible.

Beginning April 2013, and with the support of Traffic Police, SHO Saket, MCD, DMRC, UTTIPEC and PGC, several initiatives were taken to decongest and regulate traffic flow from within D Block gates, as also to enhance the safety and security of D Block residents. The Association was formally registered on July 11, 2014 and the name was then changed to “RWA D Block (D-61-135) Saket “.

The association opened its account in Oriental Bank of Commerce, Saket Branch, with its new name, in April 2014, and the first Audited report was shared with General Body on Sep 7, 2014.

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